WinterBlast 2022

Counting the Stars

February 16-20th, 2022

Welcome From the WPA Board

Welcome to WinterBlast

Fellow members of the WPA,

It is with great pleasure that the Western Pyrotechnic Association Board of Directors welcomes you to our annual convention, “Counting the Stars”. During this event you can participate in hands-on workshop seminars, learn how to manufacture your own fireworks, purchase and shoot fireworks, and see some of the most incredible fireworks shows and demonstrations anywhere in the world. You will see things in the public display that you would seldom, if ever, see at a public display anywhere else.

We are grateful to all of the planners and volunteer staff for their efforts – this event is only possible because of their hard work. If you see somebody wearing a STAFF shirt, be sure to thank them! Our club is a volunteer organization, and everybody attending Winter Blast is requested to volunteer at least one hour during the event, from safety to security to cleanup. Please sign up during Registration and help out as much as you can, because without the help of our volunteers, this event would simply cease to be.

WinterBlast is coming up and we can’t wait!
Check out all the fun things this event offers.

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The Western Winter Blast Convention is a production of the Western Pyrotechnic Association, Incorporated.

Western Pyrotechnic Association
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Registrant and/or spouse agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Western Pyrotechnic Association, Inc., each of its members, officers, agents, employees and successors, from and against all claims, damages or injuries direct or consequential rising out of any direct and/or indirect or collateral participation in activities associated with the Western Winter Blast Convention, held in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, including displays, demonstrations, competitions, vending, and other convention activities by the registrant, the registrant’s spouse, or the registrant’s children, if any. Registrant also recognizes that violations and abuses of Western Pyrotechnic Association, Inc. safety rules and convention conduct guidelines may result in suspension of convention privileges and possible revocation of Western Pyrotechnic Association, Inc. membership.