Pressed Star Workshop

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Tent 3 | Workshop

February 16, 2023, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Presented by: Clara Carstensen, Danny Dutra

Max Attendance: 16 Class Fee: $20

In this workshop we will use two FireSmith hydraulic presses, along with star plate sets in several medium sizes to do some limited production of stars and comets for any members who sign up for the class or bring over their own comps to process. The presses will remain in Tent 3 for the remainder of the day should someone wish to come back and press out additional materials.

Everyone who uses this workshop MUST attend the seminar on pressed stars and comets that proceeds it – NO EXCEPTIONS! Go to the Workshops link to signup up and pay for this class. You will also need to signup for a specific time slot. We cannot process everyone at the same time for equipment and safety reasons.

Session Prerequisites: Pressed Stars, Comets and Color Changing Stars: 10-11AM same location.

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PPE Required
Age 18+

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Clara Carstensen

Danny Dutra

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