3″ Beginning Bag Mines Workshop

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Tent 2 | Workshop

February 18, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented by: Gina Papini

Max Attendance: 50 Class Fee: $10

In this workshop participants will learn about several types of mines, a mid-level firework device that sprays lit stars into the sky.  This workshop will concentrate on the basic bag mine which is simple, effective, and easy to build.  Since there are very few wrong ways to make a mine, we will show you most of the right ways. If there is enough time, we will even show you the wrong ways. Each participant will have the opportunity to make a 3” bag mine.  These will be available at the B-line for you to light that same evening. Impress your friends with your newfound pyro-making abilities. There is no extra charge for the advice of the experts (it’s worth every penny).

Additional Session Information
Beginner Friendly
PPE Required
Age 18+

About Presenters

Gina Papini

Victor and Gina Papini work on several pyro crews at night and by day are both retired and run a non-profit daycare (babysitting the grandkids). Victor has loved fireworks his entire life and has some stories to tell about his younger days (can’t print because not sure about the statute of limitations). When Victor joined a pyro crew, Gina also joined so she wouldn’t have to sit at home alone while Victor had all the fun. Victor learned about
manufacturing when he first attended Do-It. He started taping shells on rockets and now puts gasoline in a bottle on rockets. Gina, looking for something to do, started with bucket mines, bag mines, and then progressed to shells. She asked for and got a WASP machine for an anniversary present. Victor also builds shells when he runs out of rockets. Never lighting her own products, Gina lets Victor do the honor while she pretends to take pictures. He thinks she has tried to kill him on several occasions and has since let his life insurance lapse hoping to avoid future “accidents.” Friends Theresa and Jon will be helping out in the seminar to make sure there are no more “accidents.”

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