Binary Airburst and SPD (Spark Producing Device) Assembly Workshop

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February 17, 2023, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Presented by: Amanda Nixon

Max Attendance: 16 Class Fee: $20

Amanda, assisted by Gayle Bates from Fireworks and Stage Fx America and Charlie Holdaway from Holatron Wireless Firing Systems, will demonstrate and help each participant assemble six different kinds of Spark Producing Devices (SPDs) and Airburst. The almost lost art of rolling flash paper airburst capsules will be one of these. As shows now use premade airburst to save set up time, fewer technicians work with binary flash powders and the old techniques are not being passed down to the younger generation.

We will not be manufacturing flash powder but mixing binary kits.

Following completion of the six devices, Gayle and Charlie will assist the participants individually to set up their effects and fire them off with the Holatron System.

Do not show up without safety glasses, long sleeve cotton shirt and long cotton pants. You will be turned away. It is helpful to bring a sharp knife, scissors, and a small wire cutter. If you have an anti static mat wonderful, if not a piece of cardboard will help.

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PPE Required
Age 18+

About Presenters

Amanda Nixon

Amanda has been working with proximate pyrotechnics for 50 years, yet she’s still only 39 years old – go figure. Formerly the Vice President and later CEO of Luna Tech, Inc., manufacturers of Pyropak proximate pyrotechnics, Amanda was also the CEO of Luna Tech Pyrotechnik GmbH in Germany for two decades. Licensed in several countries, she taught theatrical pyrotechnic classes and worked as a proximate pyrotechnician throughout Europe. Currently, she is the CEO of Pyroam, Inc., which distributes a variety of proximate pyro effects and equipment as well as provides pyrotechnic services.

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