Star Sizes, Weights and Color Changing Designs for Aerial Shells and Mines

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February 18, 2023, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Presented by: Aaron Mayfield

Having trouble determining the sizes and weights of stars for different aerial shell sizes? What sizes of stars work well in mines? Wondering how a color changing star works? Curious as how to determine burst charge weights for all sizes of shells? Plagued over what to do with stars that fall on the shop floor and get mixed in with the cat’s food? This seminar will provide details regarding how color changing stars work, what general star sizes and weights are needed for ball shells 3″ to 12″ shells, mines of different types & sizes, and star sizes that work well in different types of cylinder shells as well as general thoughts regarding shell & mine construction. Join us for a fun filled Q&A session filled with a myriad of data gathered over more than two decades of shell building with and alongside some of the greatest master shell builders and factories from around the world.

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Aaron Mayfield

Aaron Mayfield is owner and primary shell designer for AM Pyrotechnics, a large-scale manufacturing company in the United States that originated in the late 1990’s. AM Pyro produces more than 20,000 aerial shells, mines, & comets yearly and have done so since 2008. Prior to 2008, Mr. Mayfield worked with factories in Italy, Spain, & China regarding all types of shell designs & innovative creations. At home in his spare time Aaron is also a fabulous cook and an accomplished donkey trainer.

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