How to Obtain Your CA Pyro Operator’s License

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February 17, 2023, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Presented by: Mike Tockstein

“How to Obtain Your CA Pyro Operator’s License” : Focusing on safety, training, and professionalism, Mike will provide an overview on the process to become a licensed Professional Pyrotechnician around the country, and do a deep dive into the particulars of California. Not only will you learn to navigate pyro operator laws, but also be given some gold nuggets from lessons learned, guidance on interactions with the fire authority, along with training resources that will be identified to advance your expertise. Learn how to effectively run a crew, especially those new (or newer) to the world of pyrotechnics, including a free online standardized training program. Learn of immediate opportunities to crew displays and the steps to work towards your license in California. Want to obtain your license by this 4th of July? Attend this seminar and we will help make it happen!

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Beginner Friendly
Age 18+

About Presenters

Mike Tockstein

Having an absolute fascination with fireworks and an interest in electronics since he was a kid, Mike promptly earned his CA pyrotechnic operator’s license two weeks after his 21st birthday, and went on to earn his M.S. degree in electrical engineering a number of years later. After shooting shows for fireworks display company Pyro Spectaculars for a number of years, Mike started Pyro Innovations in 2003 to aid in recruitment and training. In 2007, Mike published the most comprehensive online training platform for professional pyrotechnics to, which ended up improving safety, on-site training efficiency, and consistency in training new crew. Throughout his 22+ years as a licensed pyrotechnician, Mike has performed over 250 professional fireworks displays, been involved in many entertainment and media productions, including Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters,” along with celebrity weddings, major sporting events, TV commercials, theme parks, and more. Mike now enjoys providing unique experiences like Winter Blast for his two daughters.

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