Death Defying Sanding Dust Fireballs Workshop

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J-Line | Workshop

February 17, 2023, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Presented by: The Jackalopes

Max Attendance: 25 Class Fee: $10

Have you ever wanted to find out how big of a fireball you can make with 5 gallons of extra fine sanding dust? Now is your chance to participate, collaborate and self-incriminate yourself with the madness of the J-line. This seminar will explore the technical details of the construction of a functional basic sawdust mine, sawdust mine with various pyro enhancements and finally how to pack a 55 gallon drum with black powder, 3” shells and sanding dust and live to tell about it! Participants will be able to assemble a 5 gallon sawdust mine and either shoot it at the conclusion of the seminar (if conditions allow) or return later in the dark hours and light up the night sky.

For those interested in doing one for the evening, during the seminar you will be assembling a rapid deployment kit consisting of lift, fuse, lift liner paper and prepared pyro inserts. We will finalize the assembly right before lift-off time. This is for safety concerns since we really don’t want a bunch of these things sitting around. Note: We can be a bit more adventurous with the ones getting lit during night time.

Participation limitations: There is only so much sanding dust we can transport to Havasu so we will only be able to make 25 mines.

Fee: $10 collected onsite

Safety: Eye protection required during seminar. Eye protection, hardhat and protective clothing for daylight shooting. Night time shooting – You will be in Jackalope Gulch so of course you will need all the usual B-line safety gear.

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Beginner Friendly
PPE Required
Age 18+

About Presenters

The Jackalopes

About the Jackalopes… If you ever wondered if them wabbits with horns are for real – wonder no more. Hailing all the way from the dusty domains of Dismal Nevada, Jackalope Brand Fireworks is more conceptual than physical. Drawing inspiration from Maltese, Tultepec and early Americana pyro traditions Jackalope Brand wants to remind folks that pyro has a rich and varied vernacular. To these ends the members of Jackalope Brand draw on a wide array of artistic talents including, but not limited to, pyro art, machine art, painting, paper mache, blacksmithing, cardboard art, set construction and audio design. The most important takeaway is that the Jackalopes put the fun in pyro!

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