Mines for Beginners

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PIT Tent | PIT Crew

February 17, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Presented by: Tom Sklebar, Bill Stevenson, PIT Crew Staff

In this seminar, PIT participants will learn about and construct mines to take to the C line or to incorporate into Sunday night’s display.

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Beginner Friendly
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PIT Crew

About Presenters

Tom Sklebar

Tom started helping his father dynamite rocks as a kid almost 60 years ago. He is a hobbyist pyro who has built various devices for some time starting in the 1990’s. A member of PGI, WPA, FPAG, Northern Lighters, WPAG. For his usual private 4th of July show he builds lance work, gerbs, mines, rockets, wheel, saxons, tourbillions, girandola, comets, ball shells from 3 – 12″, Maltese single and multibreak shells, Italian single and multibreak shells and various other articles pyrotechnic. Tom has taught or helped at workshops and seminars for some years now (as well as neighbors and their children and now grandchildren)

Bill Stevenson

By day, Bill is a software project manager in Silicon Valley, and in his free time he enjoys woodworking, leading a Cub Scout Pack, and using fireworking to teach himself and his kids about the intersection between art and science.

PIT Crew Staff

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