Set Pieces for Beginners

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February 18, 2023, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Presented by: Lynden King, Steve Wilson, Bill Stevenson, PIT Crew Staff

Set pieces, also known as brightwork, have been made for hundreds of years to augment various kinds of displays. Often shown as large words or flags, many approaches to this art can be used, sometimes dictated by materials available and/or how the piece will be displayed.
Using lance, drivers, and a bit of woodworking know-how, we’ll build a dynamic set piece to be integrated into Sunday night’s Member Showcase display.

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PIT Crew

About Presenters

Lynden King

Lynden King was first introduced to fireworks displays by John Sullivan of the old California Fireworks Company (Red Devil) when he was 16 years old. John helped Lynden get his license a month after he turned 21 in 1973 and Lynden did his first show a few weeks after that. He has been putting together firework shows for over 50 years and is involved in about 20 firework displays a year, all of which are partially or completely electrically fired. Lynden has been a member of the WPA since 1997 and several years with PGI.

Steve Wilson

Steve got his start pyrotechnically as a boy when he and his brother Bob used to mix and burn whatever they could get their hands on. This included toy caps, ammonium nitrate from the local citrus farmers, calcium hypochlorite tablets for the Doughboy pool, and sulfur from the Gilbert chemistry set. Steve had a lot to learn back then… Eventually, he acquired a copy of Weingart’s book, discovered American Fireworks News and then the PGI. Steve’s fireworks got a little bit better. In 1988 he had the crazy idea of starting a pyro club in the western USA and soon after the WPA was formed. Formerly a lighting roadie with some 70’s bands like ZZ Top, Chicago, and Styx, he still works in local community theater as a lighting designer, technician, and equipment fabricator.

Bill Stevenson

By day, Bill is a software project manager in Silicon Valley, and in his free time he enjoys woodworking, leading a Cub Scout Pack, and using fireworking to teach himself and his kids about the intersection between art and science.

PIT Crew Staff

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